Journee is Ready to Bring Edgy Back to R&B

Upcoming R&B artist, Journee, is ready to take the R&B world by storm. With her new EP “It’s Not You It’s Me”, Journee is bringing her edgy and raw sound to her music. The California based singer stopped by WANM 90.5 The Flava Station to discuss her latest EP and her inspiration behind the music.

“It’s about the hardships and all the toxic relationships I’ve been in,” Journee said. “[in relationships] I’ve felt like I was always the one who was a little more loyal and little more faithful, and men never reciprocated the energy I was giving out, so a lot of the songs on the project aren’t bashing men but I’m talking my sh-t.” 

R&B has always been the genre that expressed emotions in a way that touched the souls of its listeners. Whether we’re feeling in love or in heart break, R&B music has always been there to uplift the audience. This is something that Journee wants her female fans to feel when listening to her music.

“I just wanted to drop a body of work that empowered women and just made them feel like alright you don’t need a man and I can be independent and that’s fine.” Journee Said.

After catching COVID-19 last July, Journee took a step back and made a plan for herself and her career. In 2020, according to Spotify, Journee accumulated 1 million streams across the platform. In the upcoming year, Journee plans on coming better than every with upcoming collaborations with other artists, new music videos, and a new album.

“It’s been in the works for a minute, I have a few dope features with dope artists and I’m really excited about it.” Journee said.

Journee’s EP “It’s Not You It’s Me” is available on streaming platforms.

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